Juliette Mogenet for Part Three: Earth

All green, always, up until now - the earth covered with the breath of freshness and life. But this leaf, it turned in on itself, an old, sad, tired thing weary of being alive, and it chose to die.

Or did it? Was the tree unable to nourish it any longer - was it, also, drained and too tired to support the life it was holding up? Nonetheless - this leaf became golden as it surrendered its greenness, and the tree it fell from gently let it go, like the lingering touch of two lovers parting for the last time when they know that nothing is left to be said.


Part Three: Earth - Juliette Mogenet

The box is a familiar subject matter for French artist Juliette Mogenet, and it is a concept that has always fascinated her. The following are images she has provided of her work in the theme of 'Earth' as Part Three of the Elpis story, incorporating ideas of the box's interior and exterior, referencing earth and nature.


Juliette Mogenet is a French artist whose work focuses on the perception of space and combines different elements - perspective, reflections, and mise-en-abîme photography. She makes use of different materials such as glass, wood and sand paper to explore the realms of these fictional spaces. Her work is exhibited in France and in the United States, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

To explore Juliette's work further: www.juliettemogenet.com