Korossasu for Part Three: Earth

There is a certain kind of darkness that is all-enveloping – inside and out, body and soul, like a molten, formless, thick, but empty torture…

It holds you, holds you closely, in a vice-like grip, but at the same time softly and tauntingly loosely - as physical a constraint as a straightjacket, but like the dream when you’re trying to run but your feet won’t move.

 There is a certain kind of darkness where even to breathe is terrifying – the sound of your breath is awful and rends the silence around you, as if to turn it in and against you – but you cannot escape. You cannot escape, you cannot escape, you cannot escape, and all you can hear is the sound of your mind, which seems to be shatteringly shrill and piercing.

 Can they hear it too?


Part Three: Earth - Korossasu

Korossasu is Auckland-based artist Daniel Bartlett, and Mons Mortis is perhaps his 'Paradise Lost': a beautiful, dark, explorative soundscape. It is a haunting and mysterious journey, taking the listener through the landscape it is named after - the mountain of death.