Everything Is Collective for Part Three: Earth

I looked for it everywhere, up, down, inside and out - but it was nowhere to be found. Four sides, a top and a bottom - or six, a dice, a box, a collection of quadrilaterals - space inside, or no space, full, empty, a container, an object: whatever its qualifications, I cannot feel it in my hands any longer. It is gone. 


Part Three: Earth - Everything Is Collective

Everything Is Collective is a United States-based trio of artists who work in collaboration: Jason Lukas, Zachary Norman and Aaron Hegert. Their work addresses contemporary issues in photography and image-making, and challenges the boundaries and limitations typically placed on these artistic fields. Their work is truly collaborative and each work is attributed to the group as a whole. There is a clever and intentional magic in their explorations; each piece is a little unexpected and prompts questions without a blatantly obvious answer.