Kareen of Companion for Part Three: Earth


Part Three: Earth - Kareen of Companion

Kareen is one half of Companion & Co., a social enterprise and co-design company. Companion collaborates with migrants and former refugees to create wooden stools and silk scarves, combining traditional craftsmanship with technology to create unique objects as a means of providing sustainable, meaningful employment. The below is Kareen's take on Part Three: Earth as part of the Pandora's Box myth exploration, and features shots of the scarves Companion creates. 



Words and imagery by Kareen Durbin



The quality of sound, its standard 

A resinous substance (tar-like)

The field and the throw

Both angle and level; context dependent

A sales spiel 

Claimed spot along with the action vital for tent on said site to result

Ships lurching. The headlong fall off of

To help out / to attack